Many of us are aware of the values of green living, protecting the environment, and acting sustainably, although many of us do not know where to start. Each individual must realize that we will have more impact on the planet as a single community. Building sustainable communities brings communities together to reduce waste, end social injustice, preserve nature and achieve economic and sustainable development. 

We aim to create sustainable communities as:

We educate, encourage ,and advocate: with you and for you!

We Educate

Minimalism & anti-consumerism  – educating everyone, especially low income members of the community to live with less stuff, to buy inexpensive and useful stuff, leaving them free from debts and helping them to build wealth, as well as within those habits reducing the carbon footprint.  

Healthy lifestyle – promoting healthy eating and wellness among community members and engaging each member with community gardening to achieve social interactions, outdoor physical activity, and eating local, organic, and GMO free and nutritious food.   

Clean energy & energy efficiency – educating the environmental, health, social, and economic benefits of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, bio, and other renewable sources. As well as encouraging communities to reduce air pollution from fossil fuel sources by using energy more efficiently.

We Encourage

Zero waste – encouraging communities to reduce the use of plastics and, reuse, recycle, and  compost to achieve social, economic, and environmental development. 

Urban and local farms – encouraging eating fresh food for healthy and sustainable living. Eating locally grown food helps reduce pollution due to logistics and supports local farmers, population health and economic well being of the whole community. 

Wagner Houses Community Garden, East Harlem

Climate Change – bringing together all individuals and business members of our communities to find the right solutions to reduce our carbon footprints and create a clean market and sustainable community.

We Advocate

Achieving environmental and social just for sustainable development of communities and quality lives.