Our Founding Secretary Aytakin at our bake sale to raise funds for Cookies for Kids Cancer.

Here at Healthy New Yorker, we believe that health encompasses the entire human condition. Mental health, emotional health, and healthy relationships are just as important as the food you eat and maintaining a healthy body. No matter your race, religion, political beliefs, or economic status, we all need help in one area or another from time to time to truly live our best lives.

As residents of New York City, we tend to gravitate towards the health issues that pertain to the population of NYC and the surrounding area. Like most of the world in 2020, New York has undergone some significant changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges this city faces are many in the coming years and we will be here doing the work that is necessary to build a healthy support system of programs and services for our neighbors.

Taykins Tea

A gift jar of Taykins Tea. One of our founders, Aytakin, has an affinity for herbs and the benefits that are found in a variety of teas.

Moving to the USA made me think more about my health. People in the US are always in the rush and they do not have healthy eating habits and food culture. I started helping the people I am surrounded by to promote healthy and sustainable living to extend their life longevity. 

As a result of this healthy counseling “Taykins Tea” idea came out. My friend and founder of Healthy New Yorker, Daniel Lebo, gave me the “Taykin” nickname and I must say it is the best nickname I have ever had.  

The story of learning tea culture starts from my family’s tea traditions. The tea ceremonies and rituals are the main pillars of the tea tradition in my ethnicity. It is linked to the infinite past –  ancient times when they started to grow the tea. 

An amazing part of this ancient history is that it is not only about tea growing, tea making and tea serving. It is a whole holistic adventure with amazing life stories. The tea tradition is to find the connection between the mind, soul and spirit. 

How Talysh people say: “If you don’t live 100 years, it is your fault”. Talysh people are the longest living ethnicity in my country and in the world. 

My grandmother is my example for being an organic healing leader and entrepreneur without education. She taught me to speak and understand the language of herbalogy. I grew up hearing how she was explaining the scientific nature of each herb and its role in medicine. As a bonus she was telling the ancient story behind the herbs which made me stick on the topic. 

When I enrolled in medical school I understood that I prefer to prevent myself from diseases and heal myself rather than trust pharmaceutical medicine which only takes symptoms away.

Taykins Tea creates:

  • Healthy, holistic healing for sustainable impact.
  • Curiousness, confidence, self-help and self development for sustaining lives.
  • A platform to learn and share tea cultures for sustainability of traditions.

Make. Drink. Enjoy.