The first quarter of the year booms with gym memberships. The reason for it is New Year’s resolution. 

The main mistake you can make is to start your weight loss with a gym membership. And yes, another mistake is to spend your end of year bonus on sexy sportswear.  There  are steps to guide you to achieve your new year resolution without dropping exercising:

  1. First, identify why you want to lose weight? 
  • To show your six-pack (if you are a man), or to wear that tiny tight black dress with “tower” high heels (if you are woman)?
  • Do you set your short-term and long-term goals for weight loss? Is your goal to be healthy for a long and healthy life? 
  • Write down your GOAL and stick it somewhere that you can see every day.
  1. Start doing stretching that your body and mind get connected to order your muscles to work out. 
  2. Identify what time of the day you are more motivated to exercise – morning, afternoon, or evening. It is very important to do it when you enjoy your exercises. It has neurological, psychological and metabolic effects.   
  3. Go for a walk for short distances, one or two blocks. Then longer the distances and walking pace.
  4. While walking do not listen to anything except your mind that observes the environment you are walking. I would suggest leaving your smartphone home.   
  5. Identify what exercise or sport will you enjoy doing. Don’t check crazy amounts of Youtube channels of fitness trainers. For example, I love biking, hula-hooping, rope jumping, and dancing in Zumba
  6. Start high intense cardio exercises (you can find a bunch of them on the Fitness Blender channel on Youtube) at least 30 mins a day and follow it with 20-30 mins strengthening exercises.

Be sure you can keep the balance between your strength and cardio exercises. For example, if your strength exercises are stronger than your cardio, then your muscles will become bulky without having a chance to lose weight. Or, if your cardio exercises are more intense than your strengthening ones then you will lose weight with saggy skin and no muscles. You can always do shorter or longer time and intensity of the cardio, as well as strength exercises. 

  1. Keep doing little – little you will get there soon, not overnight but soon. First your body will get shape thanks to muscles forming, which can make you weigh the same. If after some time feel demotivated look at your resolution goal, and breathe while being happy.   
  2. You don’t need to have any heavy equipment, and definitely you don’t need a personal trainer to achieve your goal. After all those if you feel you can get gym membership for this or that reason. I have a friend who goes to the gym just to watch guys butt 😉 
  3. Keep a balanced diet. Do not start a strict diet if you have decided on your intense workout exercises. Be sure you eat enough fiber and protein and drink enough water to keep your metabolism, body healthy, and hydrated. 

We can dig in more on diet in our next blog post. For now, say Hurray to welcome your new year’s resolution!

PS: Before I forgot to tell you: Do not jump on the scale every morning|week|month. Be patient. Did I tell you nothing happens overnight?! Yes, I did.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Aytakin

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