It is our intention to use our collective skills and extensive network of professionals to tackle what we feel are some of the most serious issues that New Yorkers are facing. There is power in numbers, and we are always looking for opportunities to partner with like minded people that are aligned with our mission. Below you will find a list of organizations that we are working with to change lives throughout our community. If you or your organization would like to work with us and join a growing list of professionals working to create a better New York, please contact us.

Our Sponsors

The impact of Healthy New Yorker relies on an incredible amount of work done behind the scenes. This work would not be possible without the support of individuals and organizations that contribute to our efforts. To all of our volunteers, advocates, local businesses, and corporate partners, THANK YOU! New York, and we dare say the world, is a better place because of YOU. Below is a list of the groups who have shown their support for the work we do, and in doing so, have created a positive change in the lives of New Yorkers.