Our aim is to increase the overall health of every New Yorker.

Exercise and a proper diet are only two parts of a person’s well being. Mental fitness, emotional intelligence, environmental factors, and healthy relationships are some of the more overlooked aspects of health. Healthy New Yorker was formed to address these often neglected aspects of health in addition to the more popular exercise and diet.

We use technology and the startup mentality to attack long standing social issues. We focus on the entire picture of ones health with the understanding that as humans, there is no one size fits all cure for the human condition. We take action when and where we see fit by advocating for causes and policies that ring true to us.

It is our intention to use our collective skills and extensive network of professionals to tackle what we feel are some of the most serious issues that New Yorkers are facing. There is power in numbers, and we are always looking for opportunities to partner with like minded people that are aligned with our mission.